I really love this school and highly recommend it

My 10 year old son has been taking classes from Master Hong for about six months and I am amazed at the improvement in his focus, balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, repect, speed and confidence. There has never been a day where my son has not wanted to attend class. One reason, I believe, is that Master Hong provides an encouraging environment that is positive and fun while maintaining an expectation of excellence during every class. And he teaches all of the classes rather than having his higher belts do the teaching. He does, however, provide opportunities for leadership by allowing the students to periodically guide others in warm-up. It is obvious that Master Hong has been teaching for decades as he is “masterful” with students of all ages. It is clear that he wants the students to succeed. They like him and respect him. Family Tae Kwon Do is clearly focused on family, as well. Master Hong often holds social events, celebrations and parent’s night out to promote family fun and time together. I really love this school and highly recommend it! Black belt or bust!

Susan Carlson August 16, 2017