Great for kids' personal development

When considering a path to help your kids in personal development, in areas not of your own expertise, Taekwondo is an excellent choice, and I don't know of anyone who chose it regretting it. Master Hong have already helped my kids develop holistically, in fitness, coordination, confidence, and appropriate behavior. We've been part of the Family Tae Kwon Do program for 5 months. The teaching is based on authentic Korean methods, coupled with contemporary leadership skills development. This blend benefited both of my children live as their 'best selves'. At Family Tae Kwon Do the Student Creed is respected and lived by everyone. The kids love going and being given a chance to stretch their muscles, as well as their horizons.

For students of all ages and athletic abilities

For students of all ages and athletic abilities, Family Taekwondo is a great facility. Master Hong has been teaching for over 20 years and his experience is a definite must have for your student. Students learn, not only Taekwondo skills, but life skills including leadership skills of all sorts, and teamwork. I definitely would recommend adding this activity at this facility to your students schedule.

Learned a lot, gained new skills, and have made friends

We've had our 3 children in Master Hong's tae kwon do program for a year. It has been fun to see our timid and shy kids improve and gain confidence. They've learned a lot, gained new skills, and have made friends at Family Tae Kwon Do. It is a commitment but it has been good for our children.

Great for their self-confidence

We love Family Take Kwon Do! Our two boys have been taking classes there for a few years. It has been great for their self-confidence and their health. They love Master Hong! He is a great teacher.

Master Hong creates a great community for his students

If you're looking for a great place to enroll yourself or your child into Taekwondo, I highly recommend this place. Our six year old daughter is learning from Master Hong discipline and teamwork. He's directly involved in teaching the students. I love watching my daughter break boards and learning new techniques. Master Hong creates a great community for his students with offering extra activities for them to get involved in.

Master Hong pushes the students to be their best

My son has been training with master Hong for just about 2 years now and we love it. Since they moved to their new location in South Jordan, the classroom experience and overall taekwondo training has improved significantly. We love the way Master Hong focuses on teaching correct technique and pushes the students to be their best while making the classes fun at the same time. He is now personally involved in teaching every class and has helped our son become more confident, respectful and disciplined. I recommend checking out Master Hong and his school.

I really love this school and highly recommend it

My 10 year old son has been taking classes from Master Hong for about six months and I am amazed at the improvement in his focus, balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, repect, speed and confidence. There has never been a day where my son has not wanted to attend class. One reason, I believe, is that Master Hong provides an encouraging environment that is positive and fun while maintaining an expectation of excellence during every class. And he teaches all of the classes rather than having his higher belts do the teaching. He does, however, provide opportunities for leadership by allowing the students to periodically guide others in warm-up. It is obvious that Master Hong has been teaching for decades as he is "masterful" with students of all ages. It is clear that he wants the students to succeed. They like him and respect him. Family Tae Kwon Do is clearly focused on family, as well. Master Hong often holds social events, celebrations and parent's night out to promote family fun and time together. I really love this school and highly recommend it! Black belt or bust!

I highly recommend

I highly recommend this class as because my 10 yrs old son really enjoys it!

Master Hong is an awesome instructor

I have been attending this school for years and it is AMAZING! Master Hong is an awesome instructor! He cares about the students at our school and supports ALL of us. He teaches discipline in our actions and behavior. I definitely recommend this school and I,m not just saying that. Do it! Call them! I have become a better person by attending this school! I have also made more friends that have supported me through this!

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